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Sprockids Mission Statement:


“Through the sport of mountain biking young people will have the opportunity to develop the skills, values, and strategies that will guide them throughout their lives and enable them to successfully reach their full potential.”

Sprockids is all about changing the role and definition of sports in our society. Being active and having fun should be a part of everyday life. Sprockids is all-inclusive! “Nobody Sits on the Bench” in our sport. The program appeals to a large segment of young people, including those youth who would never consider themselves “athletes.” Mountain biking is all about having adventure, fun, adrenaline, and discovery. The Sprockids Program teaches young people 55 skills, which enable them to safely and successfully enjoy mountain biking. The program serves as the catalyst in engaging young people, their parents, and others in creating a cycling community where all generations share a common interest and activity, that being cycling and the lifestyle that accompanies it.


Sprockids Wind-up Fall 2015

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Sprockids in Fox Creek
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